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Domestic Violence Interactive Courtroom


Welcome to a virtual training on domestic violence in a tribal court.  This online program is designed to have you preside over a civil hearing where a petitioner is seeking a restraining order and a criminal hearing where the restraining order has been violated. 

This virtual courtroom is designed to introduce tribal court judges and tribal court staff to the following:

  • Facially valid protection orders against domestic violence under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
  • Identify resources for use when issuing protection orders against domestic violence and when protection orders against domestic violence are violated

This training program presents video scenarios and pertinent documents for a civil hearing on a restraining order and a criminal hearing on a violation of the protection order. For this virtual training, there are case files you will need to complete this training.  They are located at the top of each web page of the training programs.  The case files are labeled as follows:

  • Case file – Civil
  • Case file – Criminal
  • Case file – Content of Sky Tribal Codes
  • Case file – Fact Pattern
  • Case file – Timeline

During the proceedings, each scene is viewed from the tribal judge’s perspective.  You will be requested to decide on whether to issue an order, rule on an objection, or rule on a motion.  This will be done by having a question posed to you.  Upon answering the question, you will receive feedback in the form of bench tools and analysis points which will suggest why the answer may or may not have been the most appropriate. 

Before starting the training, please read all the sections below by clicking on each section.

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