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Domestic Violence Interactive Courtroom


This page will address common technical problems and provide links to all software needed for the course.

If the information below does not help to resolve the issues you are experiencing, please first contact your local systems administrator for additional assistance. If a solution is not identified, please contact the American Indian Law Center.
Firefox browser: Firefox 3.0.X isn't recommended for use in this training because it has a bug which causes it to crash when displaying embedded PDF files, and not to refresh the display of PDF's in frames. If you want to use Firefox and the PDF won't reappear in a section, click the link to open the PDF in a new window, or try refreshing the page. We hope this issue will be addressed in the next update of Firefox.
This program has been tested with most popular web browsers, but it is recommended that if you have an older browser you should upgrade to the newer version of whatever browser you are using.

If you are unable to view the video, then probably you don't have the correct plug-in. You will need to download and install the latest Adobe Flash Player plug-in.
How to download and install the Adobe Flash Player Plug-in from the internet:

  • If you are running Windows 2000 or better, click here.
  • Above the large "Agree and Install Now" button is a checkbox for installing the Google Toolbar. It's recommended to click the checkbox off unless you want the Google Toolbar.
  • In Internet Explorer, you may see a popup asking if you noticed the Information Bar. The notice points to a warning in the yellow bar just above the webpage. Click on the yellow bar and a small notice will appear, asking if you want to install an activeX control. Click the link to allow it to install.
  • Another popup may appear, asking if you want to install this software. Click the "install" button.
  • Once you click the install button, it may take some time while the program works to get the installation file, especially if you have a slow internet connection. If you left the Google Toolbar check box checked, it will install the toolbar first.
  • During the installation, Adobe will close your browser and then reopen it.
  • Once the browser reopens, you are finished, and your flash player plug-in is up-to-date.

1. Check the volume. There are two main places to check: in the Flash Player window on the web page itself, and on the lower right side of your computer desktop, in the tray, near where the date shows.

  • In the Player window the volume control is a small slider located on the lower right side.
  • On the tray of your computer desktop, you will see a speaker or megaphone icon there. Click on it and adjust the volume using the slider.

2. If you are using speakers, make sure your speakers are turned on and the volume is turned up on the speakers. Also make sure that they are plugged in to power (they will have either a USB connection or a power cord) and the proper ports on your computer. Your speakers will have a small jack, often green, that plugs into a hole in the back of your computer, usually marked with a green circle. If there are holes marked with red or black circles, those will be the wrong places.
3. If none of these things work, you may need to get someone to check for a problem with your soundcard or settings.

PROBLEMS WITH PDFS (Acrobat files)
If you are having problems displaying the PDFs (Acrobat files), make sure you have the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in. If the document will not open, you may have an old version of Acrobat Reader. You can download the free Acrobat Reader plug-in here.

  • Like the Adobe Flash Player, the Adobe Reader will have a checkbox to install the Google Toolbar. Make sure and uncheck the box if you don't want to install the toolbar.
  • If you see the yellow bar alert window, follow the instructions above, for the Adobe Flash Player.
  • Click the yellow "Download" button towards the bottom of the page and an Adobe Installer Window will pop up. This will take a few minutes as the file downloads and installs.
  • When the installation is complete, a window will pop up saying "complete".

Enlarging the type in the PDF Window:
To open a case file in a new full sized window, click on the file name in the case file box. The case file will pop up in a separate browser window as a PDF document. You can enlarge the case file in several ways: by clicking on the + sign in the Acrobat toolbar; typing in a higher percentage in the percentage box on the toolbar; or by dragging the lower right corner of the window to the desired size.

You click the link, but the PDF doesn't appear:
When you click a resource link to a PDF, the PDF is downloaded to your computer and opens in a new window. Some of the PDF files are large and take a few minutes to download. If you don't see the PDF after clicking the link, give the file more time to download, and look for a new browser window that may be hidden behind another window.

You can check this by looking at the taskbar. The taskbar is usually at the bottom of your screen, has the clock and other icons, and shows what programs you have open. Look for your web browser program on the taskbar, either showing more than once, or having a number beside the name. This lets you know how many windows are open in the browser. You can find and click the browser window that has the PDF file on the taskbar, so that it will pop up in front of the other windows.

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