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Domestic Violence Interactive Courtroom

What if”

Some web pages contain a link which is blue and begins with “What if” at the bottom of the screen.  Click on the link and a pop up dialogue box will appear on your screen. 

When you select to review the material in the “What if” link, you are stepping outside the main hypothetical into a mini hypothetical situation where the main fact pattern is slightly changed.  The new fact is introduced by “What if.”  The purpose of the “What if” box is to demonstrate that the analysis applied to answer the question changes if a fact is changed. 

Below is an example of the “What if” link appearing on the web page containing the question on whether a tape of the victim’s 911 emergency call may be introduced during her testimony.  The new fact is the victim being unavailable to testify.  This new fact will be applied to show how the analysis would change if the victim was unavailable to testify and the tape of her 911 emergency call was being introduced into evidence.   


What if the Victim was Unavailable to Testify?

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