Native Bar Prep Initiative

Pre-Law Summer Institute for American Indians and Alaska Natives

The Native Bar Prep Initiative has four components:

Bar Review Course Reimbursements

How to Apply for Reimbursements

The American Indian Law Center, Inc., has funding to assist PLSI alumni and non-PLSI American Indian and Alaska Native law students with their bar review course fees. Any commercial bar review course, in person or on-line, taken in 2023 or 2024 is eligible.

To be reimbursed, complete the application and include all required documents.  See the Guidelines above for details.

There is no deadline, but there’s a fixed amount of money for this purpose and it will be disbursed on a first come-first served basis, so applying earlier is better! AILC can reimburse you for 85% of the cost of the course up to a maximum of $3000.  Please remember that we withhold 25% of the reimburseable amount until you submit your bar scores and final transcript with your degree posted.  

 It can take 30 – 60 days to receive the reimbursement after applying.  

If you have questions, please email us at

AILC Attorney Coaching Program

The American Indian Law Center, Inc. invites American Indian and Alaska Native bar examinees (PLSI alumni and non-PLSI) to participate in our attorney coaching program for applicants who are sitting for a state bar examination. This program is designed to provide additional support to applicants by matching each interested bar examinee with a committed attorney who will serve as a resource and coach. The coach’s goal will be to empower the applicant to succeed on the bar exam through the following efforts:

  • facilitating access to resources for the bar exam;
  • offering advice on best practices for preparing for the bar exam;
  • assisting applicants with their study plans;
  • holding applicants accountable to their study plan; and
  • offering general support and encouragement with the goal of reducing stress and anxiety.

If you feel the additional support of a coach could strongly benefit your success on the exam, please email your interest to If you are an attorney, and would like to be a coach, please email Rodina Cave Parnall at

AILC Supplemental Bar Prep Workshops

The American Indian Law Center, Inc. invites American Indian and Alaska Native bar examinees to participate in our supplemental workshops in preparation for the February and July bar examinations. Our topics include: getting organized, approaching the bar examination as a re-taker, memorization, finding and using inexpensive or free resources, and study tips. Our presenters are experts on the topics. The meetings take place on zoom. For more information, please email