About The American Indian Law Center, Inc.


AILC’s legal and policy analysis provides important and timely information to tribal governments and communities to make informed legal or policy decisions on numerous critical issues such as: judicial systems, federal and state administrative regulations and legislation, Indian social and health services, infrastructure development, and intergovernmental relationship building, to name a few.

The AILC is a national leader for tribal governments and organizations in the development and analysis of federal Indian policy for more than 35 years. From AILC’s analyses of the role of tribal governments in the federal domestic assistance program delivery system in the early 70’s and 80’s, to continuing development in the field of tribal-state relations in the mid-70’s, and later in the critical research and studies of tribal justice and juvenile justice systems in the 80’s and 90’s, AILC has garnered respect from tribal leaders and communities across the nation.

Most recently, the AILC assisted in facilitating and providing successful training programs to build tribal leadership’s capacity to be strong advocates for justice, social, and economic opportunities, and has continued its ongoing work on tribal model code development, including children’s, elder protection, and research codes.

In light of the increasing complexity of the federal government’s devolution of regulatory and legislative authority, including funding, to state and local governments, tribal governments and communities must remain vigilant for opportunities to improve tribal capacity and infrastructure and to have input in the development of policies.


AILC will continue to be an important asset for Indian people and their communities and governments. The AILC looks forward to many more opportunities in the years ahead to build on our successes with assisting Indian people and their tribal governments and tribal courts by providing:

1) quality technical assistance to tribal governments and organizations with legal research, policy analysis, intergovernmental relations, and training and technical assistance; and

2) facilitating important services, communications, negotiations, and relations among the tribal, state, and federal governments.

Please contact the AILC for facilitation on legal and policy analysis services at (505) 277-5462 or email us.