Faculty and Teaching Assistants

Pre-Law Summer Institute for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Our faculty are nationally prominent professors from law schools across the country. A core faculty is maintained from previous years giving continuity to the program, while one or two new members are invited each year to foster new concepts and approaches. Our goal not only is to have excellent professors, but also to have a representation of the different teaching styles which students will encounter in law school. This allows PLSI participants to be prepared for whatever teaching style is used in their particular law school – from the very formal Socratic method of teaching, to the small section one-on-one style.

In addition to the top professors, some of the best students from the previous year’s PLSI class are hired as teaching assistants to assist students with their assignments and help them make the adjustments necessary for law school.  These outstanding and successful law students attend each class with the students and are available to help PLSI students each evening before the next day’s classes.