Pre-Law Advisors Training Conference


to the Legal Profession: 

Identifying, Advising and Supporting
Native American Pre-Law Students

February 20-21, 2024

Topics Include:

  • The Need for Native Attorneys

  • Preparing Students for Law School

  • Resources and Best Practices for Advisors

  • Native Student Perspectives

*Travel Reimbursements & Waivers for Tribal Education Departments and Tribal Colleges and Universities

Are you interested in applying to law school but don’t know where to start?

The Pre-Law Summer Institute suggests that you start with workshops that are specially designed for prospective law students.

PLSI prepares you for law school after you have applied, but these programs show you how to pick a law school and how to apply.



Check out the following:

The Native American Pathway to Law Initiative
This program features 5 days of in-person workshops including a practice LSAT test, cohort development, explanation of the law school admissions process, mock application review, attorney mentors, and a review of your personal statement and resume.  PLSI is a partner in this pathway program.  Apply early!  The application is due March 15, 2023, and the workshops are in June.

CILA Pathways to the Law
This program features a two-day workshop and pairs you with an attorney mentor.  You will also learn about PLSI in this workshop.