Pre-Law Summer Institute for American Indians and Alaska Natives

The PLSI consists of eight weeks of intensive study structured in much the same way as the first semester of law school. The course load consists of three substantive law courses, including Federal Indian Law and two first-year core curriculum subjects which vary from year to year. Participants also will take an advocacy/legal writing course in which they will prepare a complete appellate moot court case including writing a legal memorandum and brief, and presenting an oral argument at the end of the program.

Students who are committed to excel in law school must make the same commitment to the PLSI. Classes are scheduled Monday through Friday throughout the program and attendance at all classes is mandatory. Just as timeliness is mandatory in the practice of law, it is mandatory in assignments for the PLSI. While many undergraduate courses claim that two hours of study is required for every hour in class which may or may not be true, in law school that is a low estimate. In fact, for every hour spent in class, a minimum of two to three hours of study and research time is necessary. Since the PLSI is a full-time course of study, outside classes and employment are not allowed during the eight weeks. The PLSI requires a significant investment of time, energy, endurance, and ability, so applicants should be sure they are willing to make a firm commitment before accepting a spot in our class.